Mobcrush: The Next-Gen of Gaming Technology

Mike Wann, CEO, MobcrushMike Wann, CEO Every gaming enthusiast today is aware of the name Twitch, a platform that allows gamers to share their gameplay and commentary via live and archived streams of video on the web. This popular service has become the “800-pound gorilla” in the video game streaming business. However, Twitch majorly focuses on console and PC games, with their services baked right into consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox. But what about mobile games? PUBG, Clash of Clans, and Fortnite Battle Royale are instances of some of the highest grossing millennial mobile games. There is a giant technology gap when it comes to supporting independent and low-budget mobile game developers. How do they stream games successfully? Enter Mobcrush, a mobile-only, games streaming solution that is easy to use, and a perfect answer for the growing community of independent game developers. Founded in 2014, this Santa Monica, CA-based company is gaining more traction from mobile gamers by the day as it lets them broadcast, watch, and talk about different games while streaming it in real time. “The streaming space is very competitive,” says Mike Wann, CEO of Mobcrush. “But no one has solved the needs of the mobile gaming community. We are here to become the Twitch for mobile games.”

Backtracking to the inception of the company, Wann elucidates, Mobcrush was established by James Hurley, Royce Disini, Travis Rogers, and Stephen Dao—veterans in the gaming industry—to solve their own challenges around broadcasting mobile games and quickly found that there was incredible interest in an authentic, purpose-built app for mobile gamers to seamlessly connect with each other. “Today, we are functional on five platforms globally, and we can’t wait to see what players, developers, and creators will contribute to our community,” says the CEO.

Further highlighting that the future lies in the clout of mobile-based game streaming, Wann states, “Hosting a game from a mobile is effortless, and provides flexibility to the gamer. You can stream the games from anywhere, at any time, without staying wired to a PC or gaming console.” Moreover, mobile devices are getting more powerful with faster processors and GPUs with every new model. In addition to that, mobile broadband penetration and bandwidth are also expanding at exponential rates, especially in regions where people are coming online for the first time.

Unlike other video platforms that require third-party software and additional hardware to stream, Mobcrush has built applications that enable gamers to broadcast gameplay from iOS and Android devices, with just a single touch

“And, mobile devices have the potential to make technologies such as virtual reality more mainstream,” he adds.

Delving into the statistics, the CEO explains that today, there are approximately two billion smartphone users in the world and a majority of those users play games (64 percent, according to Statista—an online statistics, market research, and business intelligence portal). Mobcrush has found that allowing those gamers to connect with each other will not only create more traction for mobile games, but the strong network of mobile gamers can also offer great collateral for budding game developers. Mobcrush has, as a result, emerged as a great tool for publicizing mobile games—telling the developer story through video streaming. Citing an instance, Wann mentions that the mobile gaming news site TouchArcade uses Mobcrush to play new games in front of its fans and provide live reviews. “Our interface is pretty simple,” says Wann. “People like watching other gamers play, and we’re able to provide the streaming capability through a smartphone.”

A New Way to Stream Gameplay

Mobcrush offers an effortless way to stream games. Unlike other video platforms that require third-party software and additional hardware to stream, Mobcrush has built applications that enable gamers to broadcast gameplay from iOS and Android devices, with just a single touch. All a gamer needs to do is download the Mobcrush live-streaming app, launch their game of choice, and start streaming the game by touching the Mobcrush icon on the gaming screen. “It is so simple that any indie developer can easily and quickly add streaming to their marketing strategy for free. It is a slam dunk for developers,” remarks Wann. Alongside, there is also a mobile app for stream watchers that lets the fans watch games of their favorite gamer on the go.

So far, the feedback that Mobcrush has received from the gaming community has been overwhelmingly positive. For instance, Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade’s game reviewer and author, has nothing but good things to say about Mobcrush. He mentions in his blogs, “Mobcrush aligns cent percent with our interests and tech.
Moreover it is so easy to operate that literally every single one of my writers uses it.”

“Go Live, Get Paid”

Another major breakthrough for the company is its newly launched platform: Go Live, Get Paid. With the help of this platform, game streamers would be able to broadcast their live streams across social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, and Mobcrush simultaneously, at no extra charge. Moreover, users can leverage a unified chat across all these platforms as well as use pre-set and custom video overlays for personalized and sponsored streaming. “We consider this platform as another critical leap toward cementing our success in the gaming tech universe. It is very hard for streamers to get a large number of followers through a single platform. With our new addition to the portfolio, we bring more flexibility to a gamer,” informs Wann. He further notes that there are well over a million streamers with relatively small audiences, from a few thousand to a million. Mobcrush’s goal is to equip and empower all those creators, especially the huge, nascent base of less established streamers, while growing the mobile game live-streaming market as a whole. “While just a small fraction of gamers live-stream today, those few million gamers are expected to attract over 20 billion of enthusiasts in the next couple of years,” he asserts. Apart from enabling mobile gamers to reach and grow their audience base and community, they can also earn $15 to $2,500 per hour for live-streaming their game-play through the new “Go Live, Get Paid” platform. This platform is a way for game streamers to partner with different brands to do sponsored shout-outs on their stream and get paid for it.

"Mobcrush intends to provide one-click, multiplatform streaming, which will allow players to live stream gameplay sessions at the touch of a button"

The Future of Mobile-Based Game Streaming

In the coming years, Mobcrush intends to provide one-click, multiplatform streaming, which will allow players to live stream gameplay sessions at the touch of a button, chat with their communities in real time, and save videos for future viewing and distribution. In pursuit of this goal, Mobcrush has made some noteworthy hires for their executive team: Koh Kim, who previously worked in Google Play games business development, Greg Essig, who ran the games section of the Apple App Store, and Eric Doty, a former Xbox strategist for Microsoft. Wann is confident that these think-tanks, who are presently co-running the business development wing of the company, will add a new dimension to their innovation-led company in the future.